1. Experience.

    Things I learned today:
    -Don’t stand on upturned nails. It hurts and your feet bleed profusely.
    -Don’t put on a child’s Hello Kitty watch, no matter how brightly coloured and tantalising it is. It will get stuck on your grown man’s wrist and you will look odd.
    I am good at life.
  2. wolfofpopculture:

    "We fight and then we fuck. That’s our thing."

  3. animalcell:

    look at this cat he’s so happy with his leaf i think we should all be more like this cat

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  4. Realisation.

    I’ve only just noticed how I more or less hate absolutely everyone.

    Really, it’s people’s fault for being such abject cunts.

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  7. gravitationalbeauty:

    Utopia - S02E01


  8. Signalman.

    The other day I wanted to know how long a train was going to be delayed by, and the only staff member in sight was a dayglo clad worker walking along the tracks below me. 

    Before I could stop myself I’d shouted ‘Hello!! Below there!’.

    I received no answer, and he scuttled back down the line towards the signal box unnaturally fast. I hadn’t actually expected him to get the reference, and now I feel terrible as he patently did, and was obviously scared shitless (as I would be).

    I am a terrible human being.

  9. vickymunster:

    Seriously every one of you will love it okay it’s great

    Link to where you can watch season 1: 


    Link to where you can listen to the soundtrack:


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  11. insanityconcerto:






    A moment of silence


    for all those


    awesome books


    with absolute shit movie adaptions


    We are so sorry that happened to you



    thANK YOU

    id like to add


    you wanna talk about bad adaptations?


    I honestly didn’t even have to scroll down to know that was coming

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  12. angryblackman:

    "How are your grades?"

    "What are you majoring in?"

    "Have you got a girlfriend?"

    "What do you want to do when you graduate?"


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