1. Far, far too excited about this.

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  3. Wizarding Logic

    1. Sirius: Hey Hagrid can I have my godson whom I was entrusted to look after by my best mate, his father?
    2. Hagrid: No, Dumbledore says you can't.
    3. Sirius: But, legally, I-
    4. Hagrid: No.
    5. Aurors: Sirius Black you are under arrest for the murder of twelve people and for being implicated in the murder of the Potters and for working for Lord Voldemort.
    6. Sirius: But, if you looked at my wand you'd see I didn't cast any-
    7. Aurors: No.
    8. Sirius: Why would I even betray James? He was like a brother to me. He showed me what was wrong with my upbringing, he took me in when I was disinherited, and he was the best mate I ever had. I am so upset about his death I am barely coherent.
    9. Aurors: Dumbledore says you did it.
    10. Sirius: But I was working FOR Dumbledore. Literally ask any Order member or Death Eater and they will tell you that Voldemort hated me.
    11. Aurors: You're going to wizard prison, motherfucker.

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    im all about cute girls who could probably beat me up 

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    you need to watch Utopia


    it’s so important





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    Goodness knows why I’m watching To the Last Man again. It always makes me want to cry for about 150 years.

    It’s a wonderful slice of sci-fi drama, but ohhhh my poor heart.

  7. Jarvis Cocker, I love you.

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  8. Vocabulary.

    Trying to invent a word for the psychological phenomena whereby you constantly feel there’s something on the internet that’s quite urgent and particularly pleasing that you were going to do, but have just forgotten what it is. Frequently leads to late/all-night procrastination sessions.

    Really hoping it’s not just me that gets this.


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    but i still want to know how jack harkness became a giant face

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  10. Vandal.

    The fact that somebody has taken the time to graffiti every sign for the town ‘Shilbottle’ with a single line to make them all read ‘Shitbottle’ makes me incredibly proud to be British.

  11. Arby = RB = Raisin Boy.
    "That’s what they called you when they forgot who you were."

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    As a crossover, “SuperWhoLock” does nothing for me.

    "Doctor’s Guide to Red Dwarf" is where it’s at.

    All arguments are henceforth invalid.

    I did not know how much I needed this until I saw it.